Taking the stress out of studying for students

We’re officially in exam season! And with many students cramming revision in just before d-day, is there more that we as friends, family, parents and educators, could be doing to support them? Definitely! Here are some ways to take the stress out of studying but also ensure its effective…

Movie Night – Yes, really! Topical films can ignite interest in what might traditionally be considered a boring or difficult subject. As long as students are aware that some facts and elements may have been changed for the big screen, it really can be a very useful way to get a grip on certain topics. YouTube can also be used to search programmes that cover relevant topics or material

Turn it into a game – So many games can be tweaked to include an educational or revision element. Take the guessing game Taboo for example. Why not use the concept, whereby you get students to describe an object or idea without using particular words, to help them and their friends to master the meaning of concepts for exams? Here’s an example… Phrase for friends to guess: Carbon Cycle; Words you cannot use in the description: Respiration, photosynthesis, combustion. Or what about a fast game of Mental Table Tennis? The aim of the game is to beat an opponent in a battle of minds! Get a parent, teacher or friend to ask a question with multiple answers, such as ‘what do we know about Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’. Then, each player has to take it in turns to give a quick-fire answer, and the first one to run out of responses or say something incorrect is ‘knocked out’ of the game. Keep playing until all possible answers have been given, keeping score as you play, and then move on to another question. A real mental workout!

Mind map on a whiteboard – Jotting ideas, questions and answers on a whiteboard is way more fun that scribbling them in a notepad. There’s something liberating about them, and the fact that information can be easily erased really encourages ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Make a plan – Panicked cramming is never fun, and almost always not as effective as planned out revision sessions. Helping students to make a well thought-out study plan will ensure it doesn’t become overwhelming, and that it remains effective. Ensure study sessions aren’t too long and that there are plenty of breaks throughout; this will make the task at hand much more approachable.

Recognise the type of support required – If your child or student asks a practical question, try your best to help them find the correct answer. Similarly, if you see their stress levels rising or they’re becoming emotional, they may need comforting reassurance like a big hug, or a mug of hot chocolate rather than a practical solution.

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