School fundraising for Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day, and this evening,Red Nose Day the annual Comic Relief show will grace our screens with an evening of comedy (and the much anticipated short sequel to Love Actually), all in the name of raising money for tackling poverty in the UK and around the world.

As always, people around the country have been raising money for the event, donning silly costumes and performing outrageous tasks (there always seems to be someone taking a bath in baked beans). However, some of the best fundraising events for Red Nose Day – and indeed charity events throughout the year – come from schools! Here are some of our favourite ideas for raising money for charities:

Talent shows

Students have incredible amounts of talent. Some of this is demonstrated in the classroom, but there is far more that can be found outside of the classroom. What better way to show off their skills that might not see the light of day in school than a charity talent show? You might have students with a flair for comedy and joke-telling, others who are keen dancers, or perhaps the next X-Factor contestants, all of whom are sitting quietly in classrooms right now? Light the stage, fill the seats, and give your students the chance to shine, with visitors paying a small donation to enjoy the show!

Cake sales

This one’s always a favourite, as who doesn’t love a treat to sweeten up the day (especially in March, where the weather is usually awful). Students and teachers alike can get involved by putting their baking skills to the test, and the whole school can enjoy the results for a good cause. Just watch out for the Jaffa Cakes – are they a cake or a biscuit? The debate rages on…

Sponges and silliness

Sometimes, even teachers are willing to be silly in the name of charity. Some will even go as far as voluntarily standing in the crossfire as students hurl wet sponges towards them! To those who dress up (Mr N, your sumo suit was a particular favourite), mess around, or risk being the subject of a couple of jokes, we salute you. We may have giggled, but really, we were all pretty impressed that you’d do so much to raise money!

Designing and competitions

Promoting the event, whether it’s Red Nose Day, or any of the multitude of other charity events throughout the year, is crucial. Before fundraising even begins, getting students to design posters and other materials to remind everyone that events are coming up, and advertising the school’s activities is a great way of generating awareness. You could even run competitions to see who can create the most eye-catching and interesting design!

So don your red noses, pick up the joke book and get ready for an evening of fun! We’d love to hear some of your favourite fundraising activities from Red Nose Day or other events. You can get in touch through the comments, on our Facebook and Twitter!

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