RED Academy: Courses for real-world digital skills

RED Academy – a leading design and technology campus – is launching its full-time courses on 2 October and part-time courses commencing the week after. The courses, located in the heart of London at Aldwych House, offer students, graduates and employees real-world projects, coaching and skills needed to better equip themselves for technology-related careers.

The courses specialise in design, technology and digital marketing and are taught by experienced industry professionals, ensuring that the skills learned are hyper-relevant for the ever-evolving technology industry.

RED Academy’s courses differ to the traditional university format. Aiming to bridge the digital skills gap, the courses imitate a real working agency model where students assume the role of the junior designer, marketer or developer, and the instructors are the directors. Key skills are taught and then applied to real-world projects with real-world clients, ensuring students understand the subject and can put it into practice.

Students work on real client projects to give them first-hand experience of what a typical working day might look like. As well as being exposed to an industry they want to enter, the hands-on, practical activities gives students the advantage of building an impactful set of soft and applicable skills including problem-solving, communication and creativity, that

Founder of RED Academy, Colin Mansell said, “We need to give students a real taste for what is actually needed for today’s employees in this fast-paced market.

“Because our instructors come directly from the industry and a lot of our part-time instructors are still active within the industry, it means we always have our fingers on the pulse of the tech sector. We also update our curriculum constantly to make sure we’re aligned with any new software, trends and technology.”

Courses can vary from 5-24 weeks for both full-and part-time students and RED Academy has partnered with Ed Aid to provide full-time students with loans to fund their study. For further information about the courses, please visit


Notes for the editor:

RED Academy is a global education provider and community, that provides programming in Design, Technology and Digital Marketing, soon to be launching its first UK campus in the Autumn of 2017.

RED is here to help address the growing skills gap in UK job market, providing graduates with the right skills, tools and technologies to help them succeed in the ever-increasing digital world.

With a unique educational approach that combines Design, Technology and Marketing programming that is taught in an “agency-style” environment, by experienced industry professionals, students get to work on real-world charity and client projects, helping to launch their digital careers, while simultaneously creating a meaningful impact in the world.


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