Picturing your story

You may have heard that this month is National Share-a-Story Month, which makes it the perfect time to talk about all things stories and storytelling. While you may instantly associate stories with books, in fact, stories can take many forms including oral, written, physical, digital and visual.

For instance, we might tell our own stories, or those of others, or we might create a fictional narrative or read (or listen to) a factual tale. A story could be an epic, a novella or fable, a drama or tragedy, a satire or romance: there are no boundaries or limits when it comes to stories. So, whether you’re a Potterhead, Sherlockian, Whovian, Thronie, Tribute, Janeite or Twihard (if you don’t know what these terms are, then a quick Google should shed some light!), there really is something to pique everyone’s interests within the story sphere.

In the spirit of National Share-a-Story Month, which this year is encouraging people to “picture a story”, we thought we’d have a think about the diverse nature of storytelling, so here are just a few examples that show how stories really are all around and encourage you to get involved with sharing, creating or retelling a story…


  • Visit a gallery or museum

This might not be to everyone’s taste, but there are a lot of stories to be found in museums and galleries. Think about the rich history and culture; perhaps you can learn the story behind the painting itself – where was it painted? Who by? How old is it? What was life like when it was painted? What’s the painting about?

Equally, the exhibit and information in a museum reveal stories from time gone by and often reveal how they’ve influence the story we’re in right now: the 21st Century. For example, a science museum might explain how Penicillin was discovered and how it’s improved medicinal treatment, or a history museum could reveal the evolution of the human. So why not explore your local museum this month?


  • Write a blog

A blog is essentially a diary entry. It’s a modern-day way of telling your own story, only whereas diaries are usually private and only read by the writer themselves, blogs are often shared with others; it’s your voice, for others to hear. The sharing of personal stories via blogs is becoming an increasingly powerful way of communicating with others and relaying sometimes important messages. For example, there are blogs on mental health, pregnancy, medical conditions, lifestyle choices… the list is endless.


  • Take a photograph

A picture paints a thousand words. It’s a story; an image that captures one single moment in time whether it’s an old photo holding fond memories, or a moment waiting to be captured, get snap happy!


  • Read or watch a new genre

Have you worked out what a Thronie or Janeite is yet? Well, why not explore a newgenre of book, film or television programme and maybe you could become one! There’s such a great variety of genres available, but the one thing that remains the same is that they are all telling a story. Who knows? Maybe you’ll try a new genre and change from a Twihard into a Potterhead!


  • Share a “story from your mouth”

When we’re younger, we often have books read to us, but why not use your imagination to share a story, or as Jasmin’s younger cousin asks, “Tell me a story from your mouth!”

We don’t often delve deep into our imaginations, but there are so many potentially incredible stories to be found, so instead of reading a book to your child, why not conjure an exciting story from your imagination? Or if you’re a teacher, you could start the story off and then go round the class, asking each pupil to add on the next event to develop the narrative.


  • Listen to the news

The news we read or listen to each day is relaying stories, whether these be updates on past events or the latest happenings from around the world. It’s a retelling of important stories and often listening or reading about them can prompt thought-provoking discussions and may even have an impact on your own life.

Stories are all around us and within us too, so this National Share-a-Story Month, let’s celebrate everything to do with storytelling by getting our voices, or the voices of others, heard.


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