PE: Don’t ditch it, celebrate it!

National School Sport Week (NSSW)

OK, let’s be honest – who didn’t try to ditch PE class, at least once (a month!), especially at secondary school? I remember my friends and I getting pretty creative with the excuses, from: “Miss, I’m so stressed out with the exams, pleassse can I use this class to study?” (If you could throw in some well-timed crocodile tears, all the better!), to “Oh no, I’ve left my PE kit on the bus, my mum’s gonna kill me!” to “It’s a violation of my human rights to have to do PE!” (my personal favourite, although I’m not sure how exactly we got away with it!).

Nowadays, however, I’m much more a fan of PE. I’ve seen how it can instantly lift your mood, clear your mind, relieve stress and actually leave you feeling more energised than when you started, and that’s before ever looking at all the other obvious health benefits. It’s become one of my favourite parts of my daily routine; I only wish I realised the benefits sooner.

Thankfully, schools today are increasingly highlighting the importance of PE to pupils. June 26 marks the start of National School Sport Week (NSSW), a celebration of everything that is great about PE and school sport, and an initiative that invites schools across the UK, to register to take part, and encourage their pupils to be more active and #celebratePE.

Last year, the initiative, which started was started by The Youth Sport Trust in 2008, saw over 5,000 schools and 1.8 million pupils take part! This year, it’s partnering with Entertainment One and TV superheroes PJ Masks for a special early years’ aspect to NSSW. Every primary school or nursery setting that registers will get free access to the PJ Masks “Power of 3” activity pack, full of branded activities inspired by the strengths of the three main characters: Catboy, Owlette and Gekko.

You don’t have to be passionate about pilates, a fanatic for football, or dedicated to dance to get active; there are so many traditional sports and alternative activities out there, there really is no excuse (really!) for not getting at least the recommended 30 mins of activity a day.

We’d love to know if your school is doing anything for NSSW, so please do get in touch and share the details with us on Twitter @Mango_Marketing. You can also share your stories with others by following @YouthSportTrust and using the hashtags #NSSW and #celebratePE

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