Fall in love with learning!

With shops full of all things red, and bears holding love hearts, it’s hard to forget that today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve even noticed that some schools have started their own cupid courier service, with students able to send each other notes of secret admiration. It’s sweet, and I like that we’re embracing acts of

Preparing Students for Careers of the Future

By now you have likely heard the estimate that around 65 per cent of the jobs that children now entering primary school will end up in, don’t even exist yet. With exciting technology like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and self-driving cars emerging and gaining practical use, that’s not exactly surprising. But how can we as

Budget Statement: Education Update

Today the Rt Hon Philip Hammond delivered his Budget Statement to the House of Commons. The emphasis the Chancellor placed on ensuring that the UK was ready to compete in a post Brexit world was evident in the education package that was announced, which included pledges to: Increase the number of skilled mathematicians, announcing that

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

I am very lucky to be able to say that I was never bullied. However, I do distinctly remember one particular boy being known for picking people at random and tormenting them for fun. I never understood his motives and I made it clear that I didn’t like the way he treated people. All I

No more boys and girls? How to engage all children with STEM subjects

BBC Two recently broadcasted an insightful documentary, which explored the behaviour of seven and eight year-olds when gendered toys were taken away from the classroom. ‘No more boys and girls: can our kids go gender free?’ followed a Year 3 class from Lanesend Primary School in the Isle of Wight as Doctor Javid embarked on

Mango at PLMR is recruiting a PR Account Manager

Mango at PLMR is an education specialist division within PLMR, a successful, fast-growing communications agency with a dynamic, vibrant team that works across a number of high profile clients to deliver public relations for its clients. We are currently looking for a PR Account Manager to play a central member of the Mango at PLMR team,

Client News: London Connected Learning Centre and IBM Computing Summer School

Industry immersion: teachers get hands-on experience at IBM Computing Summer School This July, teachers will have the chance to step out of the classroom setting and into the technology industry with the IBM Computing Summer School, which will take place 3-5 July 2017, at IBM Southbank (one of three Summer Schools that IBM is delivering this

UK General Election 2017: Getting young people involved with politics

It’s a topic that has dominated the media for the past month, following Theresa May’s announcement of a snap UK General Election for 8 June, three years before we were due to go to the polls. Politics is a difficult subject for some young people, who believe that it is too complicated to understand, or

Raising awareness around mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 8-14 May, and this year rather than focusing on why so many people live with mental health problems, the campaign is uncovering why too few of us are thriving with good mental health. Currently, suicide is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 35, with an

Mango Marketing joins forces with PLMR

Mango Marketing has joined forces with PLMR, after being acquired by the Westminster and Edinburgh-based integrated communications agency. The Mango team have moved to PLMR’s headquarters opposite the Department for Education in Westminster. PLMR, which has an award-winning education team of its own, is the perfect platform for Mango and its team. Sue Murray and

Positive vibes in the education news

Every day at Mango, we write a bulletin summarising the latest education news from all the major news sources for the sector. Today, one of the stories really stood out to me, simply because of how incredibly positive it was. While it’s not always “doom-and-gloom”, the news often focuses on the issues at hand and how

Shaping the next 100 years of education innovation: HundrED needs YOU!

Global education initiative, HundrED is continuing its worldwide search for education innovation and inspiring teaching and learning practices. Finland is frequently praised for having one of the best and most progressive education systems in the world. The aim of HundrED, which forms part of the country’s centenary celebrations, is to help Finland maintain its world-leading status in education, and

Reach for the stars; the view is great up there!

Astronaut and British Army Air Corps officer, Tim Peake, has featured regularly in national and local newspapers over the past year and has frequently trended on Twitter, which, in the 21st century, is something of a big deal! As the first British European Space Agency astronaut and the second astronaut to bear a British flag