If there’s one thing teachers have had to get used to in recent years, it’s change. Policy changes, assessment changes, curriculum changes…it’s been a bumpy ride! Change can be a very positive thing; after all, we’d never make any progress if things stayed the same. But change is often met with trepidation, mainly because of

International Women’s Day 2017!

In case you missed it among all the talk about the Budget and National Insurance hikes, it was International Women’s Day this week (8 March 2017). Working in an office full of strong, intelligent and charismatic women, it would be unacceptable for me not to share something to mark this day of worldwide action against

To go or not to go: Making industry exhibitions worthwhile

With the leading global education event, Bett, having come to a triumphant close on Saturday 28 January, it’s worth taking time to reflect on the experiences had by teachers, students, exhibitors and professionals across the sector. The annual calendar is full of exhibitions, conferences, shows, demonstrations, and so on. No matter which industry you work

Rekindling the magic of Christmas with childhood memories

  It’s the first day of December, so it’s now officially acceptable for me to talk about the big C word…that’s right, Christmas! Although, let’s be honest, with shops stocking advent calendars and playing Christmas songs since September, the festive season feels like old news. It seems that, with each year that passes, the magic

How can we protect schoolchildren from sickness this winter?

I’ve just returned from my honeymoon and, before you all say ‘awww’, it was a bit of a disaster! Unfortunately, my husband and I were struck down with a virus very early into our dream ten-night cruise around the beautiful Canary Islands. We spent five long days confined within the walls of our cabin, surrounded

Dress for success: The unending school uniform debate

In the last couple of weeks, cases of schools excluding pupils who have breached strict school uniform policies have emerged. Rather than turning up on the first day of the new academic year looking like one of those children from the George at Asda ‘back to school’ adverts, a number of pupils were deemed to