Shaping the next 100 years of education innovation: HundrED needs YOU!

Global education initiative, HundrED is continuing its HundrED: Education Innovationworldwide search for education innovation and inspiring teaching and learning practices. Finland is frequently praised for having one of the best and most progressive education systems in the world. The aim of HundrED, which forms part of the country’s centenary celebrations, is to help Finland maintain its world-leading status in education, and to become a global centre for sharing best practice and innovations.

HundrED is comprised of 100 interviews with education experts and stakeholders from around the world (which can be viewed here), 100 Finnish projects and 100 global case studies.

Saku Tuominem, HundrED’s founder, says: “Future generations will no doubt have to face some tough challenges, and how we educate them now determines how well they rise to the occasion. The model of education used in most countries has not changed significantly in the last 100 years, but there are so many ideas and so much inspiration within the education that we can share to reinvigorate teaching and learning. That’s why we created HundrED.”

To find the 100 global case studies, the organisation is calling for teachers and experts from around the world to submit their ideas and become part of the project.

The findings of the HundrED project will be shared for free across the world in various formats, including seminars, documentaries, a book and a toolkit for teachers so that anybody, anywhere can use the ideas to inspire positive educational change over the next 100 years.

Education innovation worldwide

Submissions from Finland are already being trialled in schools, and you can find out more about these projects here. So far, examples include a summer school to help children learn programming through play, a nationwide parent-teacher conference to discuss both the challenges and opportunities of education, and partnering universities with secondary schools to encourage students in STEM subjects with a “virtual lab”.

Sounds like a great set of ideas right? Well, there are many more, and your education innovation could be one of them!

Check out the details for HundrED submissions here!

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